Sunday, July 10, 2011

go seek

love the shop go seek and these amazing product photos.  

these days i'm weary of collecting things and shopping and scouring auctions and antiques shops.  i used to be so impatient over the winter for the fleamarket season to begin and i haven't even been once this year.  i realize i need to just accept that i am in a contemplative and transitional  phase in my life.  i'm the same person but i'm looking in rather than out.  i'm stopping and i'm thinking.  

in general i've realized that i tend to push difficult and uncomfortable feelings away.  so i'm trying to just sit with it when i feel sad, off, unsure.  and i'm acutely aware of the fact that i sound really psycho-babbly and shrinkish.  but that's okay, too.  

my new favorite mantra is "say what you have to say."


but anyway, the point of this train of thought when i began is just that these vintage items and the way they are photographed inspire me this morning to peek away from the inside to the outside.  and to appreciate the art of finding and presenting things you find beautiful for others to love as well.



greatest friend said...

I'm so glad you blog.

Susan said...

Sounds as though stopping to feel your way into the difficult and uncomfortable opens space for the truest form of transition. Paring life into contemplation isn't navel gazing (nor psycho-babbly) - it's simply a place in time calling your true name.
To me, these photos of otherwise neutral found objects speak the language of intention, compassion, and solitude - simply beautiful and quiet.

tj said...

...I love this and I love the new look too! Altho' I do have to admit that I miss the photo of the little girl looking over the porch railing. :o)

...I am in that same state as of recent. I don't know your age but I'm guessing from a photo or two I saw of you that you're in your late 20's - early 30's, so menopause is out of the question. I am 49 and I think sometimes my stagnation is from menopause but I do feel as if I spend much of my time looking inside rather than out. I feel sometimes I'm being reintroduced to myself. Weird, eh? :o\

...Anyway, I'm with another commenter up there - I'm glad you blog too. :o)

...Love the items & their photos!

...Blessings :o)

Anne said...

so glad you blog too...
i so can relate to how you are feeling but i am struggling to sit with the unsure and uncomfortable... i'm much better at running away.
thank you for sharing and being honest!

Anonymous said...

You don't sound psycho babbly at all. A balance that includes looking inward and stopping, feeling, seeing what is really there, dealing, healing... I feel is totally essential, and our natural inclination if we allow ourselves the space for it.

hugs liane,

No Carnations said...

Thanks for sharing and reminding me to stop for a moment and be aware. I love you for that. That had to be said.