Thursday, August 18, 2011

FOA and ION and PS i know i'm a dork

F O A (first of all) i continue to clean out and destash like a crazy 'ole fool.  the antique kraft paper cutter is at enhabiten shop and the velvet ribbon and a slew of other odds and ends are all over at one small summer.

I O N (in other news) i'm sitting here at my table looking out my open front door as hummingbird after hummingbird comes to a hanging plant just a few inches from said open door...coming dangerously close to accidentally slipping inside.  i need to get a screen door STAT.  i can hear the whiz and hum of the bird wings as close as if it were right in my ear.



ethanollie said...

that's funny... i was just thinking today how great it is that almost everything here in portland is open screens on doors and windows. and most shops and restaurants just throw open the doors to the outside

tj said...

...FYI(for your info'), you are not a dork. :o)

...I *heart* your old countertop paper cutter! And JSYK(just so ya kno'), I'm seriously considering your velvet ribbon. Seriously. :o)

...You know, if you don't get a screen door they sell those screen panels that you just hang in the doorway to help keep flies out and wayward hummingbirds.

...Blessings :o)

tj said...

...*sigh* I just noticed that your velvet ribbon has sold. I knew I should've purchased that when I first saw it! Ugh, live and learn. :o\

Jenny Lee Fowler said...

a tiny frog hopped into my kitchen the other day, the mosquitoes get old though...