Friday, August 12, 2011

Hey so don't you think Jeff Bridges is one sexy dude?  You know you do.  He's funny, he's musical, he's all hairy and kind of zen.  The perfect package.  And I was listening to the radio this morning and apparently he's releasing an album next week.  That is surely something to check out.

And what really caught my ear is that he does a cover of one of my favorite Greg Brown tunes, Blue Car.  I've shared a video of that here but I may just do a reprise cuz it's so dang good.  If you don't know Greg get yerself on you tube or wherever you go for such things and take a listen.  I can tell you that I've been to many of his shows and had a short conversation once with him wherein I told him I was in love with him.  It's a short life, peeps, you gotta say what you need to say when you got the chance.  And he's super charming and a fancy dresser.  And by fancy I mean kind of comical.  He's a big guy and likes to wear muscle tees and dangling earrings and goofy hats.  I'm getting tingly just talking about it.

So anyway, long story medium length, I'll probably be dreaming about both these guys tonite.  Watch out.  And I'll be looking for the Jeff Bridges album next week.

Here's a couple visuals:


It's been fun hanging with ya,


tj said...

...*swaying to and fro listening to song* I so LOVE this song! And I love the video too! Put 'em both together and whaddya get? Goosebumps! ;o)

...And yeah, I admit, I do love Jeff Bridges. He appeals to the rebel girl in me. He reminds me of my husband in so many ways, that ruf' hewn exterior sheltering a warm hearted interior and that personality that says I partied a wee bit too much in my younger days...yeah that type. My polar opposite. *giggle*eyeroll* And how do polar opposites stay married for almost 20 years? I'll have to get back to you on that one...*giggle*shrug* :o)

...Thanks for the great music! I am def' gonna check this guy out.

...Blessings :o)

Anonymous said...

girl, you are hilarious :)

Jen of Country Weekend said...

I loved him in the Fabulous Baker Boys and then the one he did last year where he played a country singer--awesome.

Susan said...

What tj said! Jeff Bridges is one fine fella. Also Greg Brown - he has a tune about driving with his dog that I now must seek and find b/c I'm feeling a tad cranky and that song would give a good bounce. I think I need a road trip. Preferably with Jeff driving and Greg playing and me, grinnin' and hummin' along.

penelope said...

jeff bridges. dream. man. he played in downtown fort worth, texas last year (seems like last year, at least) and he was so humble and handsome and warm and mmmmmmm......