Monday, August 1, 2011

Hi friends.

I've been keeping busy in a steady, methodical, home-based sort of way.  I just read my August horoscope prior to communing with you, dear reader, and it seems being practical and down to earth is the way to be for us Gemini this month.  The horoscope says I've been to Planet Hell and back the past few months....Ha Ha Ha Ha.....HAHAHAHAHA!  Maniacal Emphatic Laughter.  And now is my chance to catch a breath.  THANK GODDESS.  Plus I may even come into some money around August 18.  Looking forward to that.

So anyways, in addition to general scrub and brush clean up and weeding and such outdoors, I've been canning and freezing and not wasting a bit of what's coming out of the garden or from the farmers' market.  You want pickles?!?  I got enough for an army.  Fancy peach, lime and cardamom sauce?  Probably a dozen jars for January and February eating here at Chez Enhab.  Plus I've frozen some loaves of zucchini bread.  So far so good.

I also started making this bread again.  You are making a grave mistake if you do not try to bake this yourself.  It's so easy a turkey could make it.  Plus it tastes fabulous.

Ok, before I lose you I also want to share this herbal tea blend I made recently.  Pictured above.  I didn't  measure or anything but here's what's in it: blueberry leaf, bilberry fruit, red rooibos, cinnamon chips and stevia.  This tea is good for regulating blood sugar and as a digestive aid as well as having abundant vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  and I made a lot of this so I thought I might work up some trades for some of it.  If you want an 8 ounce jelly jar of this loose tea blend and you have something I can't live without send me an email: and let's barter.

Now go read your horoscope and stay away from planet hell.  Ok?  Ok.

kiss kiss,


Susan said...

Sweet and informative photo play on your season to date. Need to go back for the bread recipe and love the tea combo w/ happy body qualities. Which astrologer captured your recent history so well? Trading for tea is a great idea, wish I lived close enough to peddle some stuff in return. Cheers to August! (except for the whole Mercury retro deal)

tj said...

...How ironic, I was just on my way to Planet Hell...go figure. Shall I pick up anything for you while I am there? Lemme kno'. ;o)

...I've been on a Chamomile Tea kick here lately. Love. The. Stuff. Also, love the garden photos. So serene. :o)

...Blessings :o)

Anonymous said...

I very much like your forecast Liane
go you!

melissa loves said...

Um....first of all, I love your new header( and I feel shame that I haven't seen it until now...that means it has been far too long since my last visit) and secondly, how gorgeous, warm and rich is your home? So green, bountiful, pretty( love that shot of your sweet ole gal coming out the door and all the pretty plants around) You are a rockin earth mama & I am so sorry you went to Planet hell last month. I have been there, it ain't pretty. Glad you are back and no return visits, ok? I don't care WHAT you may have left behind, don't go back for it. :) I also wish I could have some of your pickles, I LOVE pickles.

No Carnations said...

As tj said above, In planet hell right now. Did you leave anything behind? I can bring it back for you, maybe trade for some of that tea ;)

penelope said...

hmmm. pretty convinced dear, sweet texas is planet hell right now. no one talks about anything other than the heat and the drought! i've lost my entire garden, with the exception of one heirloom tomato plant a weird mutant volunteer cabbage plant that just appeared and for all intents and purposes should be dead from the blistering sun. i really enjoyed your blog and the thoughts of rain and cooler weather it brought to mind. thanks!

=mew= said...

That home looks like a nice place to be.

Sarah said...

i like this, it's like we're reading each other's blog at the same time, communing over the web

wish we lived closer