Monday, August 22, 2011

I stayed up till 2 AM last night working on reupholstering this old sofa.  This is very unlike me.  Carazy Lady!  That is what my son Ethan calls me.  With love and affection, of course.  And tangentially, Ethan just turned, drum roll please....... 21 YEARS OLD YESTERDAY!@!#!$!  He's getting super handsome in his old age.    Here's a picture of him at the family party:

There's a prize for the person who knows where that t-shirt came from.
And here's a picture of that sofa pre-redux:

Ew, right?  Mega Ew.

I think I'm just going to make the cushion for it today and then sit on it as is for awhile.  You know, just keep it raw burlap.  Till I get sick of it and finish the job.  Keep up the tradition of doing all things half-way.


tj said...

...I dunno about the shirt, Kentucky? I do know that I like it! :o)

...And LOVE that sofa! We have a sofa just like it. And I tip my hat to you for having the cahonies to reupholster it, it even looks awesome at this stage too. But then, I love burlap. *shrug*giggle* ;o)

...And yep, Etan's a cutie! "Happy 21st Birthday Ethan!" *<:o)

...Blessings :o)

tj said...

...Now watch, that shirt is in reference to some swanky night club and not the bluegrass state. If that's the case then...yep, I'ma dork. lol...*shrug* :o)

The Oak Leaves said...

Love the new look. Before it looked just like my moms favorite pink chair :/

Geninne said...

Happy 21st to the birthday boy! My oldest just turned 15 and 21 doesn't seem so far off...sigh.

Jane Aston said...

Nice shaped sofa and an unusual big seat cushion. Horrible pink that colour so well done for doing away with it. Happy 21ST to your handsome boy, that was another world away for me.

oldflowers4me said...


onesilentwinter said...

I love the bet your ass bluegrass t-shirt! is from the blugrass festival in kentucky?
wow a twenty one year old son- that is amazing!
so is that couch