Tuesday, August 16, 2011


my one small counter.  it needs to get tiled.  but it's big enough to make my favorite bread:

windowsills collect things.  unripe tomato which fell too early, a 1970s sprouts book i picked up at the dump swap shop:

some dried herbs:  

favorite photographs.  one of my kids when they were little.  the other of my grandma alice:

enhabiten will be very black this fall and winter.  i've been working in the dye pots.  i truly love it.  the new stuff i'm designing is making me really happy:

pale mossy green on black:

flowers brought in:

 my small work area with drying herbs.  the bare wood door leads to what will be my bedroom but the space needs work.  like, um, windows:

i'm sure i've mentioned that my place is small.  my living room is my kitchen is my studio is practically my bathroom.  i'm serious.  the bathroom is right there on the right with the green door and the walls only go up about 3/4 of the way to the ceiling.  if you come to visit know that there is no room for bashfulness.  i can play loud music for you when you're in there if that helps.  or step outside for a minute.  but we're casual here so let's just have a couple beers and get to know each other better.



melissa loves said...

It all looks so lovely, Hun! I can't wait to see all
That you have done with the dye pots!

The Oak Leaves said...

Is that an invite ;) haha... your space looks wonderful. I loved living in a small space, it helps you to remove clutter, which im currently struggling with in my somewhat bigger house...

And the black and mossy green look superb together! Now i think i must get one of your pillows!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't help but leave your words here with a giant cracked grin! Your place is super warm and inviting. Seems really comfortable, even if small. I have loved small in the past. Really forces you to pare down and do things more simply.

Kelly said...

small places
people say...easier to clean...I say... I love small spaces...you use them. They become a working/living studio of life and
all your favorite things are around you...great way to live.
love your place...it looks like its living large!

jessica/miniature rhino said...

love the peeks into your space. it looks so nice and comfy. from my short visit to NH, it seems like such a nice place to be- the trees, and greenery! I would love a little of that - right now!

susie said...

The smaller the living the smaller the footprint...

=mew= said...

I have a shy bladder and so won't come to visit. keep posting pictures though.

Holly C. said...

I love your little home!

Amy Bradstreet said...

I love your spaces, always. We have a bathroom off the kitchen, so we're used to turning up the music. Lovely.