Friday, September 16, 2011

hey good morning you guys!

it was cold here last night.  this morning- bright, sunny, cold.  i like it.  it makes me want to go for a walk if i can fit it in.  i have a propane stove in my house which i will not use until october.  so here is what i am wearing right now, bottom up: socks, leg warmers, sweats, skirt, shirt, sweater, another sweater, arm warmers.  i look like nanook of the north.

i am beginning to add my new hand-dyed fall/winter goods to the shop.  i found this vintage fishing net in an antique shop recently and i love how it contrasts with the dyed hemp canvas- real rustic and simple but great texture.  i have a bag design which i am tweaking but hope to have in the shop today.  i also have some hemp, cotton, and silk tube or infinity scarves to add next week.  all are cold-weather deep grey, green, blue and black colors i've achieved with natural dyes.


Tess, That'll Do said...

That dresser is, hands down, the best dresser in the world.

Jane Flanagan said...

Love the net cushion! And your dresser - perfect!

Lambert said...

No picture of you sporting your sexy Inuit getup?
What gives?!

tj said...

...Ooooo, me like! :o)

...And the "nanook of the north" thingy? I'm not gettin' it, so with that being said - photo please. ;o)

...And do you use logwood with a mordant to achieve your black? I've found a site via your blog regarding natural dyeing and then another one who is a supplier called, "Aurora Silk"; the link:

...I am wanting to hand dye wools using natural methods and that is why I am asking. :o)

...And btw, that dresser? Da BOMB. ;o)


The Oak Leaves said...

Oh I woke up FREEZING this morning! Its so exciting! But the forcaster says it wont stick around here, we'll be right back up to a real feel in the 90's by next week :(

Also, that dresser is gorgeous and I love the netted pillow, the blacks are so great!

Sidereal Day said...

The cushions are lovely!
I am also curious what you use for your black dye. I just started experimenting with natural dyes (beyond tea and coffee).

Gorgeous dresser!

Keep warm =)

nicole said...

I am in love with your fishnet pillow. You have such a good eye for things (that dresser... swoon)

It is quite cold, crisp and sunny morning here too. I have a handknit hat, shawl, sweater, longjohns and big wool socks on in the house. Not so much Nanook as Hobotown chic.

melissa loves said...

Uh....this is gorgeous. all of it. that dresser, with the little plants?! Is just so freakin fantastic. I am loving your new line hun!
ps yes, photos of nanook of the north please! ;)