Monday, September 26, 2011

Oregon loves too few.
Oregon loves just you.

Curse the rose, curse the rain.
Now two bodies, can't start the same.
How our sun has gone away, there aren't days,
there's just different gray.

How can anybody only just sleep?
How can anybody only just leave?

Who talked to you?
Who's in your ear?

Probably a better man.
Who's probably got better plans
for wealth or success.

yeah, hi.

*warning* grouchy person in the house.

you don't need to hear me complain.  i tell myself this and i ignore myself.

headache, kids (parents, need i say more??), broken sewing machine, broken coffee maker, searching my brain to think of more complaints.  what a ding-a-ling.  the word ding-a-ling cheers me up a weency bit.

also, there was a annual outdoor event thing in the next town over this weekend.  it's called the schnitzelfest.  i call it the weinerfest.  remembering that makes me smile another weency bit.  i kept saying "weinerfest" until i was the only one laughing.  eli got bored, then annoyed.  then i got bored.  so it was over.  until just now when i remembered for a minute.

alright, i'm gonna go do something now.  or else just lie down here on the sofa and sulk for a little bit.  


Nell said...

i'm feeling you on the bad day. i do have one bright spot: i can hook you up with a new coffee maker if you'd like to rock a 12 cup black and decker. bust me an e-mail if you're interested.

The Oak Leaves said...


... hope we both cheer up soon!

tj said...

...hee,hee,hee This made me laugh out loud. :o) And not the fact that you have a headache and having an all around crappy day and that, but the talking about words, how funny they sound and driving those you love crazy with 'em... Thanks for that. :o)

...I just finished a post talking about fav' words. How ironic. I love to say "weiner schnitzel". Of course, I always say, "veeiner schneetzel"...*snort* ;o)

...Well, I hope this comment finds your headache gone and your spirit in a better place. Here's to a better tomorrow! *now raising what I wish was a glass of wine* :o)


Anonymous said...
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solsticehome said...

Ha, at first I thought you were dedicating a song to ethanollie & me :)
and it turns out you were's ok to be grouchy now and then. just give everything a good kick, head back to bed and pull the covers over your head. new day, better day for you.

Anonymous said...

Well, if it helps at ALL, this made me laugh a little.. or more like snort quietly (because I am not supposed to be on the computer reading your blog and laughing out loud, I am actually supposed to be working). I hope tomorrow is a better day Liane.

Even when you are grouchy, you manage to make us laugh. A true gift, I'd say!