Tuesday, September 27, 2011

did you know it's tuesday?
did you know it's even september and after that is october and then 2011 is practically over? 

honestly, if you are a wee new person on the planet (that means if you are 30 and under.  no i'm not joking.) let me tell you.  

that once you are, say, in your mid-30s every day and month and year seems to whiz by and practically give your old wrinkly neck whip lash.  

let me seriously tell you that.


i will also tell you that i am about to get in the car and drive a total of approximately 7 hours this afternoon.  i don't want to.  but the other thing that happens more frequently the older you get is that you have to do things you'd rather not.  i know it seems like a major drag to have to, say, come in for dinner when you are 8 and your mum is calling you.  i also know it is a drag if you are in high school or college and you have to write a lab report for a science class.  god, that really is a drag.

but in all sincerity.  it gets worse.

boy i'm like a ray 'o sunshine, ain't i?

my intention was to write a nice rosey post to counteract yesterday's whining.

that didn't work out so well.


ok.  tomorrow i will write something so sweet,  happy and optimistic you'll have to go and brush your teeth after.  

ps- if you want a moose antler all your own i'm selling one in the shop.


Bozena Wojtaszek said...

You sound like a crown :)

But as I'm a bit older, I can tell you that since you've got this wisdom, you learn how to deal with it. You learn that you have to run quickly through the drags and keep the good moments for as long as you can. It helps...

Anonymous said...

ah, Liane, hang in there
I'm practically in my mid-30s, and I remember from an early age being blown away by the rate at each year was passing by. It hasn't improved but I guess it's because we're more aware of time that passes by, and because we're busier than when we were very young.
As for the things we're obliged to do & that we don't want to ... I think it actually get worse with age, as we get more & more (not always happy), and heavier responsibilities.
But I think that if you're alive, if the ones you love are alive, if you're happy most of the time (and your loved ones too), if you are healthy (and your loved ones too), then that's ok. There are good, and there are bad moments in life. High and low. Few & a lot. Ying and yang ... you get the idea, right. Life.
sending you tons of hugs & positive vibes
take care oxoxo

Annie B said...

Oh yes it does get worse, you become a mother and then your eldest son turns 31 ( last weekend actually), I feel way more ancient than you do this week that's for sure! My darling daughter ( the youngest) is in her last weeks at school and I went to a presentation last night where she did a speech on her project ( Quilting).At the end of her speech she said
" I would like to thank my mentor Helen, to all my classmates for their help and encouragement,but most of all my mother, for helping me, encouraging me and putting up with me , I could not have asked for more. I would like to dedicate this project to her". I cried of course!

Anonymous said...

nearly 30 here and already do i feel the passing of time in a diferent way than when i was a child... every thing would take forever to happen, like going to summer camp. now, i do wish i could just pause some fragments of moments that simply go by too fast.