Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the bird and the caw

little bit of sugar, not too much.

what's good:

dyeing old doilies and whatnot.
black painted cabinet from days of yore.
books, stories, fiction writers.
driving in cities with daughters.

when you pause to notice the weather, the air, the bird and the caw.

also, bobby pins.


Lisa said...

hi there. really love your blog and all within- emotions, your art, everything. the title of this post made me think of a record that i think you would really enjoy- the artist is bill callahan, and the record is called "sometimes i wish we were an eagle".

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I love bobby pins...

tj said...

...Gorgeous photos. :o)

...Hope all is well. You sound like your back to your ol' self, and that's a good thing. ;o)


Jen of Country Weekend said...

crazy for that blue shelf!

LittlePerson said...

I love simple and elegant doilies too!! I would love so much to learn how to make it.

Anonymous said...

bobby pins are my daily staple.
I was at our (good) craft fair one year and this booth was selling glorious hand hammered hair combs, really beautiful things...and pricey too...but I did really really want one for my updos that I do until the guy thought he'd sell me by making a stupidly poor comment about me using all of these pins to keep my hair in place. I had to walk away, no comb, sadly. I still think about hose combs.