Wednesday, October 5, 2011

i've been thinking a lot about creating a pop-up shop environment.  i love it when i stumble across a creative person whose living space is also the space they make their living from and then sometimes they even shape the environment as an ever-evolving shop/gallery space.  

anyway, that was sort of a tangent.  the interior space and photographs above make me feel like making art again.   the miso street art work is just beautiful.

the felice brothers are playing in burlington, vt. in november.  i thinking imma goin'.  
there's a lot of background show noise in this video.  
but i love this heartbreaker song.


Chiot's Run said...

What interesting things you always have here, always inspiring. Love that you're patient enough to search for things with character from a previous life.

Mr Chiots and I always spend some time at antique stores during our travels and I always think of your blog/shop when I see textiles.

I'm hoping to redo my office soon into something a little more wabi-sabi and a little less officey, hoping it will spur my creativity a more when I'm working.

ethanollie said...

i think that is a fabulous idea liane. what better way to live day to day, especially when your life and craft are so tangibly intertwined. someday, when e and i are living alone again, i hope to do this.