Tuesday, October 4, 2011

did you know that dark energy is pushing our universe apart?
also, did you happen to hear the recent fresh air interview re. the new apostolic reformation?
laugh?  cry?  speechless?
does this image below make you feel saddish too?

on a perkier note, this picture above cracks me up.
i think it's the dude's posture.
i just wanna high five him or something.
then go for a spin.


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Diana Sudyka said...

I saw that Fresh Air episode listed, but can't quite bring myself to listen to it. Love, love, love that top photo.

sheila said...

i like the guy on the scooter. that book cover is just too depressing, man. i followed your link and you can tell that that reformation guy has been drinking a lot - his entire face is pink, not just his nose. plus he's married to a diagnostic exorcist. i would drink a lot if that were the case. i laughed but i did not cry. two words. cuckoo. glad they have sketched out plans for the 'arts and entertainment mountain'. there is a 'new apostolic' church right across the street from us and the entire congregation wears black to their service on sundays. creeps me out. hey, isn't black supposed to be the colour of garment they use for whoever is 'evil' in a movie? Palin, Voldemort 2012. does this response have to be cohesive as well? i think not.

No Carnations said...

Great pics and I heard THAT interview, well...not too many questions from Terri Gross cause it only takes a little nudging to get the crazy going! Didn't realize that making whoopy with demons was really an option. Telling all of my single girlfriends that things are looking up!
"There's a hell of a good universe next door, let's go."

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I'm thinking it's the cig pointing straight out...hilarious...