Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i got a lot of work to do today so if you see me on the internets chase me away.  orders will be made and shipped.  a new duffel bag should be ready to put in the shop.  i like this one.  i hope you will, too.  

i started reading "caleb's crossing" by geraldine brooks.  anyone read it?  i'm not sure what i think yet.  it feels a little stereotypical and idyllic to me in the way the characters and time period are described.  but i'm only at the beginning.

while i work today i plan to listen to "mountains of the pharoahs" instead of my usual public radio.  the only thing about my new juki industrial sewing machine is that the motor is so loud that i can't listen to the radio so well anymore.  i guess that's just the price i gotta pay for badass.


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=mew= said...

audio books are wonderful companions.