Saturday, October 15, 2011

when i get up on saturday mornings and turn the radio on i always go, ugh, when i realize i have to listen to the sports show until regular good public radio comes on.  sorry sports show but i'm definitely in the meh camp when it comes to you.

although i will tell you, i was an athlete when i was younger.  i was a serious gymnast and at one point i was numero uno in my state on the bars and third all around.  impressed?  but i could never really handle the pressure of competition.  so when i was 14 i quit.

but you know what that was.  uh huh.  a tangent.

this morning on the sports show this football player musician was being interviewed.  i liked this song he performed so i'm sharing it with you.  because you're special.  and highly intelligent.  and your butt looks really good in those jeans.


tj said...

...I love this song! He's kinda cute too & nice legs! ;o)

...Funny thing, looking at your profile photo I would've guessed you were a gymnast. You just look sporty and a gymnast. :o)

...And yeah, you're pretty dadgum special yourself too. And we all think you're highly intelligent. And yeah, yeah, your butt looks really good in those jeans too Miss L. ;o)

...Enjoy your weekend!


Annie B said...

I loved that song, and the footballer is very cute. Shame people felt they had to keep talking while he was singing. Thanks for sharing with us.

Wow, a gymnast and a damn good one by the sounds of it- that is friggin amazing!

rebecca said...


i heard this too. i woulds listen to this show when i drove satchel to work in the summer. this specific interview today is the first time on -only a game- that i actually "connected" with any of their stories....