Sunday, October 16, 2011

good morning.
my dog lola just chased a wild turkey away from my front door.  the leaves are falling and i don't know that i'm ready for grey and for cold.  i want warm and i want sun. 

there is sun today.  also, breeze.  i'm thinking about my kids, about bills that need to be paid.  also thinking about burden.  there are people close to me who have suffered.  i want to tell them they can be whole.  also, that the bravery they need to face trauma is within them.  and that we are blessed to be alive.  no matter what.


Christine Cassidy said...

Thank you for your kind words. They are helpful to many during theses tough times.

sheila said...

lovely thoughts, Liane. i hope your friends find peace. i love reading your blog. i love your writing. i feel like i'm just listening to you and hearing you, like, over a cup of tea.

=mew= said...

I'm not ready either. Steeling myself for the grayness to come. Such a long haul winter is. Like everything, take it one day at a time.