Sunday, November 13, 2011

made this  bag yesterday in between some crazy cleaning sessions which involved scrubbing the floor with a bbq grill cleaning brush.  (ayuh, crazy).  then i drank too much white wine last night in the company of my mother and her baby boomer friends.  now THERE'S a crazy lot.  (that was typed with affection if any of you are reading).  because you darn well know i am a longstanding member of the crazy club.  and now this morning i actually think i have a stinkin' hangover.

figures.  crazy.  i just thought i'd squeeze in the word CRAZY one more time.  because this post is filled with the word CRAZY.   and that's just...


today i am finishing up some things for the goldmine pop-up shop and maybe reading some rudolph steiner and maybe maybe going for a walk.

and you?


Fatemeh said...

im reading your blog and have been reading it for a few weeks now , i have decided to try dying some fabric.
keep updating
i enjoy reading your blog

Fatemeh said...
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tamerajane said...

Will you be at the pop up shop? I want to go! Also to meet you!