Friday, November 4, 2011

raise your glass!

a few things new in the shop.

this weekend i have to do some work on this cabin i'm living in.  there is a carport attached to it and one of the supporting beams is cracked so a friend is coming over to help replace the beam.  and the propane stove used to heat the place is busted and i have to turn the thing on and off manually.  which means getting up in the night to turn it on and off if it gets cold.  silly.  this needs to be remedied.
and by the by, did i ever tell you my sister used to live in this place and at that time it was called "the man shed" because it used to be a woodworker's shop and he named it thus.  but when i moved in and my life being bananas as it was it was renamed "the wack shack."  (does that sound dirty to you?  tell me honestly.)

and parenthetically my car is called "the exploder."
and i really should stop at this point but just one more thing- how about tonite you get yourself a glass of wine or a bud lite or what have you and i will do the same and then we can all do a long distance toast to each other and to good holidays to come and to living in wack shacks and to checking in with each other over this crazy internet and also to jane's poetry posts and to hysterically funny blogs such as this one and also to the other things you all wish to toast- which you can leave comments regarding.  i swear i will read your comments and toast to all.

i'm looking forward to this.


sheila said...

i'll toast to you and your lovely inspiring blog & writing, and to my new shop opening soon, i hope/i swear and to poetry because i just happen to have just designed and to be getting printed some holiday greetings with favourite lines of wintry poetry (love poetry!!! so thanks for great links) and to all the charming & lovely peoples i have met on the internets, which of course, resoundingly includes you, dearie. cheers, slainté, bottoms up,'s to happy holidays & wintry feelings & lovely chums! i will be having bristol cream sherry. again. slurp!

=mew= said...

I am drinking already! what time? well, I will just repeatedly raise my glass throughout the evening and toast random things, especially moving on, autumn chills, and finding balance.

REread said...

Living in a cabin sounds very cool

susie said...

Tonight I'm toasting dogs barking and sirens wailing, which sounds so much better with Leinenkugel's Creamy Dark.

Anonymous said...

toast liane! Your wack shack seems more like an evolving peaceful sanctuary than a place for wacking, I mean wackos.

Tonight I will raise a glass of tea, as we are tea totaling this week due to - ahem - partying WAY too hard last weekend. How about a toast to peace, clear headedness and directness. It's been a hectic while around here, and while I might not be able to change that, I can at least remain steady amongst all things hectic.

Sidereal Day said...

Ok, after a quick trip to the store I can toast with you all. To the "wack shack" may it be warm and cozy, and to my home, we lovingly call it the "tilty house".
I also like infusionfibers toast, I could sure use some peace and clear headedness.

Pretty Neat Designs said...

whack shacks and titty houses, the internet is awesome.

I'm toasting to waking at dawn to sew sew sew before open studios starts at Noon. Fingers crossed. (for anyone near Boston/Somerville, 6 & 20 Vernon Street, Somerville, MA noon-6 Saturday and Sunday.)

Carmen said...

Cheers to your amazing blog which shows me so many great things! I'm always so excited to see your posts in my email everyday!
And to me getting 6 watercolor drawings done by bedtime Monday night!!
Oh, and I've already downed a split of kreik and am now onto to a bottle of red. I'm fueled and ready to swing a brush!


ethanollie said...

wack shack, the exploder...who needs beer...i am hysterical right now. cheers my friend!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

It's actually 7 in the I shall toast with my coffee. Not quite the same, I know...but it'll have to do. I cracked up at wack shack...and didn't thing dirty until you mentioned it. I thought it sounded more "crazy"...and still do. Thank you for sharing the poetry site...I have been writing a bit of my own for a class and find that I am loving it!