Monday, November 7, 2011

that's that

hey now.
i was outdoors all weekend dyeing and dyeing.  it's a real meditative activity for me.  
i worked on a bunch of fabric for work but i've also been throwing in some of my own clothing i'm not totally satisfied with to see what will come of it.  

this is a skort (you're into skorts, right?!) i got at goodwill awhile back, but it was a not very satisfying shade of poo brown.  i added it to the indigo pot and it turned out pretty ok.  i may throw it in my next black dye pot.  i love a light colored contrasting stitch on anything so it's nice to see the stitch on this now.  i'd patched a big hole in it previously and i love textiles with these fixes and history.

i also dyed some string:

i l-o-v-e the outcome.  i'm planning to make some jewelry with this.  
good fun.

and that's that.


Anonymous said...

well, I l-o-v-e it all too !
these colors & your photos enchant me this Monday

BananaSaurusRex said...

It all looks sobeautiful, Happy Monday!