Friday, November 25, 2011

today only sale

how was your day yesterday?

we spent a chunk of time in the car, me and my kids.  we listened to lotsa rap.  we saw a deer and we saw a store sign which read: just oil....and more  (i couldn't stop laughing).

 we ate.  my mother's sneaky dog ate the pie which was left on the back porch.  
this morning the sun is shining bright.  i have work to do.  i haven't had coffee yet and the smell of it is killing me.  oh and, unrelated,  i decided last night i have to quit sugar.  i am a sugaholic.   
but the reason for this post is to tell you you can get 20% off everything at shop enhabiten today only.  just use the coupon code: 20PERCENT at checkout for the discount.
love ya babies.


Emily Helmus said...

If you need moral support for quitting sugar, ask. I did it and it's hard but you can do it! (However I did eat lots and lots of sugar yesterday and got a massive headache but it was worth it.)

Mandy Behrens said...

I'm a sugarholic, too. Can't quite quit yet....but really should. LOVE your work. Cheers!

ethanollie said...

quitting obvious sugar stuff isn't so bad, it's all the 'hidden' stuff that is a chore. give yourself a cheat day once a week to get you through. you can do it, and honestly it feels really great.