Friday, December 30, 2011

a new year

hi friends.
do you have plans to welcome the new year?
i can't say that i do.  although i might start an outdoor fire, write up a list of things from the past year i want to say goodbye to and toss it in. let it go.  

i've been living a real solitary life this week with my kids not home.  except the radio and a couple episodes of "ny ink" last night there's been a lot of quiet and hush.  i've been reading "dracula" and working and puttering around.  

it's cold here and my hot water pipes froze again.  the many squirrels who have taken residence in the walls of this place are scratching up a lot of noise.

today i'll clean a little, go for a walk and continue working on some new things for the shop.  some are variations of what i already make and some brand new.  i'm working out kinks and hope to make them just what i envision in my head.  i'm trying to be patient.

today  and tomorrow i'm having the biggest sale i think i've ever had.  there are some great things  in the shop now and everything is 25% off today only.  use the code NEWYEAR at checkout.  the discount applies to sale items and free shipping items as well.  

i won't have another sale for awhile but i figured it'd be nice to offer this on the last days of 2011.

 i'm making room for the new.

thank you so much for visiting here, all your kindnesses and wisdom and just for being you.
i mean it!


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I have never been one for this idea of tossing out the old to make room for the new is good. Last year I chose a word to live by...Brave. I finally acted on it in September. Better late than never...:)

Happy New Year!

'tine said...

Happy New Year, Liane!

I hope to make a trip to the beach this Eve to listen to the waves and smell the brine in the air.

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Happy New Year Liane. Hope you're still saving up for your ticket to Paris some day...

=mew= said...

Resolution: less stuff, more adventure.

Mandy Behrens said...

Wishing you a fruitful 2012 my dear. You are very strong and creative and I ALWAYS enjoy visiting your blog/shop -- love, love, love your writings...xo Mandy