Thursday, December 8, 2011

when the power goes out


i woke up this morning at 6:30 AM and realized the power had gone out during the night.   first thing i did was heat water on the gas stove for coffee (hallelujah for that stove).  second thing i did was rearrange the furniture (?  i'm so weird).  third thing i did was put a "no flushing" sign on the toilet handle.  fourth thing i did was some mending and darning.   then the power went on at 9:30 AM and i immediately grabbed the computer like a junkie.

i also took a picture of myself wherein i look like a psycho killer.  or at least a psycho killer in training.  but i took it to illustrate the fact that my hair is getting longer!  i know, that's what hair does, bfd.  but also, i wanted to admit to you that i watched some hair-do how to videos on you tube the other day.  and all of a sudden i'm like, "omg, hair teasing is such a useful and versatile technique!!"  teasing prior to pony-tailing really makes the look work, girls.
you're welcome.



greenemama said...

ummmm, can i pretty please send you my mending. cuz my patches never turn out so loverly.

Mandy said...

awesome photo liane! I wish I had your energy. ;-) Cheers!

The Oak Leaves said...

This really made me laugh!

No Carnations said...

Being able to still function with no power, doing things like making coffee and darning makes you feel strong no? Like if the world went to shit, you would be able to survive. It may take a few months to sweat out the computer trembles : ) But I have a feeling you would be ok, and apparently you would also be rocking a killer ponytail!
Wish you were my neighbor,

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

you are hilarious...I haven't heard "bfd" in forever...

tj said...

...Okay, I had to Google "bfd" because:
#1. I'm older than you.
#2. You're cooler than me.
#3. I'ma dork.
;o) *giggle*

...And seriously, how cute are you?! Short hair, long hair, no hair even - CUTE! Yeah, I let my hair grow out earlier this year and had the pony tail...I didn't rock it like you're gonna but I finally caved and went back to a shorter, layered style. I think friends and family thought I was going thru a "middle age thing" and when I finally got my hair cut they all were like, "whew! she's back."...*giggle*eye roll*shrug* :o)

...I love it when the electric goes out. Seriously. Our ol' homestead is blanketed in silence and bathed in candlelight, I love it. My husband, not so much. :o\

...Btw, if I shut down the electric at our place would you please come and rearrange my furniture? Thanks. :o)


Anonymous said...

you rock the ponytails or the buns
it's not the hair that makes the person anyway
(that's what's inside)
I love your mending, and I wish I would have been there with you, I'd have had a cuppa & moved the furniture with you. ;-)

Nell said...

you look like a babe in the morning! and don't feel too geeky. i've hit the stage of motherhood where i realize i have no idea how to style hair and have started reading blogs dedicated to hair tutorials so you're not alone.
p.s. snuggling up with one of my lavender pillows from you now. your stuff just makes me happy.

Scintilla said...

you are so funny. this blog is my favorite.