Friday, January 13, 2012

copper canyon

well HI!

i really hope all is so good out there for you.  as soon as this next sentence is typed i'm gonna take a minute and squeeze my eyes shut and make fists and screw up my face funny and say a prayer of please and thank you and send it out to the uni for all of us to be happy and healthy.  

ok, done.

so it's snowing, hailing, freezing raining here.  my feet are chill but i'm keeping the propane stove heat down cuz that shit is expensive.  obviously i don't use the word chill like: cool.  i can't pull it off.  and i don't like it much really.  i am a 44 yo grown lady.  

do you want to know something personal?  

i can't decide if i should tell you so i'll just think on it and get back to you.  does that make you mad??  i love it when people tell me personal stuff.  well, unless that's all they do and it's boring.  but generally speaking, i'm pretty into gossip!  no, seriously.  my gemini horoscope says that's typical so it's not really my fault.

are you laughing?  i am.
ok, BUSINESS.  i've been working on some jewelry for enhabiten.  the first series is called "copper canyon" named for the scrap of 1970s leather i used which is from copper canyon.  

here's a picture of the place.  it's really beautiful:

also used for this series: hand-dyed vintage string, japanese braided, and some other bits including a sterling silver feather pendant which is real sweet.  i hope you like these.

also put a new dyed vintage tablecloth in the shop and some of my rough cut handmade olive oil soap.  there's a limited quantity of this but if it goes quick i will make some more.  i used to make soap for an earlier business from a lifetime ago called "worthwhile soap company" and i miss it sometimes.  

alrighty, that's that.
PS- you are so sexy-looking today.  
well done.


We Blog Artists said...

lol...good job you can't see me...
ok, so yes, I like gossip...but am not addicted, I like knowing a little about people but not lots and lots...I do agree with keeping somethings personal and private.
BUT...yes, quite annoying when someone says" I have something to tell you...but don't think I will tell you"...
LOVE your necklaces.
And I would love to learn to make soap...but have NO time.
HUGS and a Happy New`s been a while since I passed by.

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

What DID make me laugh was the me looking sexy are funny. I'm 44...and I say chill sometimes. I also say, "I'm down." ya "I'm game". What can I say? My teens are rubbing off on me...and it really gets on their nerves when I say those things. Probably why I say them! lol

kimberly said...

Now you have to tell it. For reals.

Angela said...

Hey, I'm 43 and I can talk hip with the best of them. Like yo, yo, yo, yo. You be illin'. Good grief, I sound like the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. Also? I kept typing "you" when I was trying to type "yo", so there's that... In conclusion, you're right, I do look sexy today and I want to hear your gossip.

Anonymous said...

your posts make me smile.
beam really.

thanks for that. :D

Lora said...

loving your new necklaces! esp the one with the sterling feather. beautiful!! you're so creative. :)

BananaSaurusRex said...

petty-town. like always.

Lambert said...

You are so creative and productive, it makes my head spin ...

Alicia said...

funny post! I am 43 and I like very much your blog :)