Friday, February 24, 2012


that's my notebook up there.  it includes EVERYTHING like:
grocery lists
work notes
books and music to look up
 diary entries
(for instance i see i called myself a dumbass up there)
all my boyfriends' phone numbers
(not really, i don't have ANY)
random thought regarding vegetables or fruit:
i have had friends who tell me they don't like vegetables or fruit.  for instance, they will only eat frozen corn and apples sliced up or something like that and i'm thinking, what the heck, alien being???
BUT, my main intention here is to tell you i'm going to do something never done before.  by me.  this weekend.  i'm offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING STOREWIDE.  so that includes EVERYTHING.  not just the small light stuff.  heh heh.  dude, it can be quite costly to ship these pillows.  so you can save some scrilla.  i know, totally craze.  so if you want to take advantage use the super creative coupon code FREESHIP at checkout.  

1 comment:

Lillie said...

aha i have some friends like that. i just don't understand why they don't see what they're missing out on!