Friday, February 17, 2012


good morning!
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worldwide, babies.

and i think i'm headed to boston later today to go see child no. 1 with child no. 3.

unfortunately i think i'm getting an ear infection so i'm waiting a couple hours to see how i feel.  last night i dripped some garlic olive oil in my ear.  it helped some.


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Jennifer Finn of Imogen Lovely said...

a couple of weeks ago I made an ear infection go away by cutting an onion in half and putting it on my ear (you have to take a long scarf or something and tie it onto your head.) It's the most ridiculous thing ever and makes you smell awful and laugh every time you walk past a mirror, but it made the infection go away!

ps. the trick is to keep the onion there for as long as possible, and you can even put a hot water bottle over the onion to heal things up faster.

Best of luck!! xo