Wednesday, February 29, 2012

just a few snaps from this morning.  the lightest of snowflakes are flying outside.  the sky is white and the air is cool blue.
i finished "the sun also rises".  i thought there was real beauty in the understated writing style.  i liked the descriptions of place and could imagine myself inside them.  but beginning with the trip to spain i had little affection for the characters.  they were all incredibly self-absorbed.  duh.  but you already knew that.  and how, HOW did they not all end up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning? 

but the way hemingway writes along with the experience of time and place- so good.

i hope you don't mind my amateur summaries/impressions of the books i'm reading.  if you've read these please share your thoughts.  i'm keeping a list of my reading here on the blog over on the right.  see it?  i welcome more articulate responses than my own!

at bedtime last night i started "man and his symbols" by carl jung.  this for two reasons...i've been thinking a lot about deeper human themes and my own dreams this past year and because it's a book already sitting on my shelf.  

also last night i had a thought i know i've had before.  it's that i'm not sure i want stacks of books in my house.  is that weird for a person who loves to read?  perhaps i need to give my books away.  and have an even flow going in and out as i read and pass along; more of a living and even exchange.  

i used to buy books but these days i've been borrowing from the library, finding them for free and reading what i already have on hand.  i look at my stacks of books and think they look a bit dead sitting and gathering dust.  and they should have more life than that.

"our psyche is part of nature, and its enigma is as limitless"


onesilentwinter said...

i truly love dreading this book, it was simple and yes the characters where self absorb but it the quiet moments. the two fishing and the small villages, conversations i found myself wanting the sun to warm my face, the spanish sun.

i too get my books at the library and going to the library is probably the most social thing i do, i love my librarians and bring them eggs to show my gratitude for knowing my name.

Liane said...
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Liane said...

hi nadia- just left you a response but realized i wanted to add something else so i'm trying again.
i definitely agree about the fishing scene. and even in the crowded bar scenes and bull fighting descriptions there is a quiet and hush about the book. how is that? fascinating.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I just discovered your blog, and have to say I've only ever read The Sun Also Rises and Dracula--both historical waypoints in my life. I identify with your feelings about books and keeping them or giving them away. When I give them away I feel like I'm giving away blood--but the idea also makes me feel good--keep the blood circulating...

I love your blog.

Kate said...

I'm feeling a similar urge to release books and have been giving them away. A bit dead that stack of books - yes. So alive during reading, that flow of being passed on seems so much more fitting than an inert object on a shelf. It's a transition though and our rooms look different!