Thursday, March 1, 2012

20 + sno shoo

the 2nd $20 cushion for sale 
when this one goes another will be put on sale for twenny bucks. jus' twenny.
we had what seems like the first self-respecting snow storm begin last night and it's continuing throughout the day.  i'm strapping my snowshoes on for the first time this winter.  

looks like we'll be housebound today and i don't think i will want for much except that dang sexy cadbury egg i saw at the grocery store yesterday but didn't bring home with me.  
somebody asked me in the comment section a bit ago about the haunted house i used to live in.  i'll try to put together an interesting story about that for you later.  and maybe i'll bring my camera with me when i show shoe.

1 comment:

Brit said...

lovely pillow. and i have NEVER liked cadbury eggs. i try to every single year, but always end up making the most horrible face.