Tuesday, March 13, 2012

if it's the last thing i do

i swear to GOD, folks.
these (diy pt. 2 here) are my dream shoes.
and i will make them if it's the last thing i do.
speaking of GOD, i've been doing a lot of reading and watching on the topics of spirituality and religion the past couple weeks, from buddhism to occult to the puritans of early america.  i'm absorbed.   it feels important.   
maybe i'm sharing this too soon or without proper thought or organization of ideas but there you are.  and in combination with a crush on shoes for crying out loud.  forgive.


nicole said...

Those are great shoes! All is forgiven.

By the way, got the tablecloth. I am in love.

Mona said...

Ha, ha, that's my friend's feet!! She tought me how to and I have a pair too :) (funny small world;)

victoria thorne said...

yes on the shoes: you will do it, i know!

two books to glance at: The Idea of the Holy (Rudolf Otto) and anything by Paul Tillich (who was a German chaplain in WWI and worked in the trenches also as doctor and gravedigger): he posits that we all have an ultimate concern, and writes about why what we are ultimately concerned with is so important.

Otto writes about the Numinous. (That's the thing, I think, in many ways.) You already know about that, because so much of your work IS numinous.

Have a splendid week, xo

Liane said...

nicole-cannot wait for my hat! glad you like the tablecloth.

mona-you made them? i love the leather she uses. did you line yours as in the picture with wool booties?

victoria-thank you so much for the recommendations. i really appreciate. i went down to the library already and ordered the otto book through inter-library loan.

therese said...

I am Mona's friend and yes, that's my shoes and feet :) It's a small world indeed.
I completely understand your fascination with religion/spirituality. I have an MA in religious studies, and both Otto and Tillich were on our curriculum our first year of study in the mid 90's. Today they're not; they're considered ethnocentric and outdatet, I'm afraid. I guess it depends on WHAT in the world of religion one wants to immerse oneself in. I really liked Tillich.

melania said...

Melodrama here too! I've been wanting to have a crack at these shoes - particularly the toe part. Love the idea of making a shoe out of one piece of leather. Thanks for the link, now I have instructions to follow!

Mona said...

I didn't 'line' them, just wear a pair of thick felted socks/boots inside of them. Perhaps I should make a tutorial for those ;)