Monday, March 12, 2012

morning time

every available surface in this small place accumulates a lot of stuff every day.  that kitchen counter?   i don't care too much except when i need to actually use the surface and i have to juggle where to relocate things.  sometimes i clear a small space to work and inevitably jars tip, things fall on the floor.   and then i clean up each day and have to do it all over again the next.

the frame stripping update: i may recommend using washing soda for this job if you have an easy strip job (haha, strip job) .  but it didn't work out with these.  the frames are old, not really worth the effort, honestly.  but i got them for free and figured why not.  the first layer of color is a reddish stain that is not going anywhere without heavy sanding which is of course not going to happen.  also, the white paint on top was certainly lead-based so it wasn't a very health or enviro-friendly undertaking.

i've been in the indigo dye vat this morning.  i do wear gloves but they have developed cracks and holes.  i need to get some new ones.



Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

I like the frames just as they are.....& yes maybe a new pair of gloves is in order. Love your photos!

Mona said...

When I need to remove old paint I use old fashioned brown soap - perhaps it's what you call brown soft soap or green soft soap over there. You can use it for washing wood floors too, it's more alcaline than other soaps and it contains potassium. It's superb for strip jobseasy as pie and doesn't harm the environment either.

abby said...

I wonder if you would like to have some shelves hung between your kitchen windows. Even just one might give you enough extra space to clear a space to work on the counter. Although if you are anything like me, the shelf would get filled with other things, and you would be back to square one, haha. Thanks for the washing soda update. I will keep it in mind.

Anonymous said...

even the every-day-counter-jumble is artfully pleasing in your home! i love seeing corners of your home.
do you take the bragg's apple cider vinegar for health & vitality?
i recently began taking it with water and wonder how other folks use it.

Anonymous said...


please be careful, I've always been an artist and after about 20 years of working with acrylics (red was the worst) and there were glues, inks oils all of poisoned my system . . . I had to see a doctor that specialized in a type of holistic detoxing, he uses a slow detox with drops and lots of vitamins to help the body protect itself. The danger is real and you need to believe that. You would not believe how much better you will feel if you can get it all out of your system!

Madhu said...

Love those frames as they are! Bragg's apple cider vinegar! Have a glass right in front of me now, my first drink every morning for the past 5 years! :-)

Erin said...

I love your black chest of drawers. Did you paint these flowers? Look beautiful in the gentle light in the photo.

Liane said...

mona-i don't know what brown soap is...anyone in the usa got an idea?

abby-i have a piece of barn board that needs to be cut to size and put up as shelves. just haven't gotten to it! great minds, etc.

diane-i have used bragg's as a condiment in the past but just started drinking a tablespoon in water 2x a day.