Thursday, August 2, 2012


hi pals of mine.

trying to think of something witty to write but my mind is looking something like this:
crickets aren't even chirping.
one time in 10th grade i ate so many gummy bears i threw up.

that's not even funny it's just gross.
and i think i already told you that one.

do you remember the punch line?
iffen you do tell me in the comments.
itten you don't i'll tell you next post unless you think i'm being immature and you don't wanna know..
anyway, i made this handprint no. 7 cushion cover this morning.  

xo in weirdness,

1 comment:

Susan said...

I have the best antidote ever in my house: your gorgeous pillows. They're peaceful to be around and yet a big presence in our sunny kitchen. So lucky to hang with them every day. They share comfort when times are tough (and oh my lord we've had our share around here the past seven months) but they always know just how and when to cheer me up. (Plus? hilarious stories!! I asked about the gummy bears and they just kinda shrugged - might've been a eye roll or two ...but they send love <3 and so do I).