Thursday, August 23, 2012

human touch

good morning my little pork dumplings.
in that last picture up there i'm taking the photo while brushing my teeth.  insane multi-tasker.  also of note: i've bought my first pair of reading glasses, i have a boo boo on my knee which is infected and most importantly, today is rick springfield's birthday.

aw bobbie, you were one luuucky lady.


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Ohh...I had such a crush on Rick Springfield's...Jesse's Girl!!

Looks like the place is coming together... Had to laugh at being a pork made me smile.

Sara said...

I love your new place. I love the wood. I hope it's warm in winter and cool in summer!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!!! I saw Rick Springfield once in Dallas at the Hard Rock Cafe in the 80's with my girfriends.... so cool. He was the best!!!Haha

Love your place.. simple is best.

Sharon (BasquePebble - etsy)

annamaria said...

haha- I love being a pork dumpling,
and I love your snippets of home life:)Is Rick's birthday a good enough reason to eat cake today? (We have to do something to earn the pork dumpling status afterall!)

Joy Patrice O'Brien said...

GENERAL HOSPITAL!!! those were the days. take care of that boo boo.