Wednesday, August 22, 2012


i laugh at myself a little sharing my modest home improvements illustrated with sloppy photos. 

you know, with all the grand interior sh#*! on the internets.  excuse my language.
but here we go..

what i've been doing over here:  
in the first picture we were skim coating the walls to get rid of that ghastly bumpy crap.  you can see the difference in pictures 2 & 3.  and i'm not painting over the surface but leaving it as is.  b/c i like it.  we also took down a super offensive ceiling fan and moderately yucky ceiling light fixture and put up a couple bare bulb lights.  we need to make the cords longer but c'est la....

see that awesome day bed?? the pictures don't do it justice AT ALL.  handmade for me outta salvaged barn board.  jealous!  if you are local (nh, me, ma, vt) and interested in having one made for you send me an email, my friend:  probs can hook you up.  and provide better pics.

i will make a cover for the day bed and a long cushion for the back so it will be sofa-like during the day but i ain't got to that yet.  also still on the to-do list is priming and painting kitchen cabinets and wood work in main space except that big ole wall with the wood stove.  my main motivation for this is the fact that some of the original window casing was replaced after water damage with a variety of crummy unmatched materials and i can tell you it will bug me every time i look at it until it gets painted.  also, it's dark in here and i can't take good work photos.  so light colored paint better solve that issue..

but right now i'm wiped from moving and i gotta get enhabiten shop back up and running so i can bring home the scrilla to pay for the pad.  


Holly C. said...

Love it!

I'd much rather see your lovely home than all the other grand interior sh#*! on the internets. :)

not so zen -quilts in Paris said...

Cosy look, that's what i see already.
Put on your bed whatever you want, but ALWAYS have a quilt ready to snuggle up when cold winds come, love from Paris , Will

Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

THAT BED. OMG that bed. Jealous indeed. And wishing I was a local !!!!
You have made miracles in that space already, lady !!

woodbird said...

super cute, liane. happy to for you. xo

annamaria said...

I love the simplicity and cozy feel of your space. There is way too much super 'perfection' all over that is so sterile. The bed is great. I am looking forward to see what you will make for it. Happy for you Liane. Hope this place brings you much joy;)

Jennifer Finn of Imogen Lovely said...

happy happy new home to you! new spaces are great for clearing out the old and starting anew. i love new spaces because then my head space clears and my artwork always takes an unexpected turn. hurrah!

jenny said...

Oh, yes that horrid bumpy wall treatment! Blech. It's looking great. Much better than those stuffy homes. And the daybed. Swoon.