Sunday, December 16, 2012

good snowing sunday morning.
i've been stacking wood and making christmas presents. 
see above, i'm making wrapping paper with paper bags and stamps.

i'm also working on enhabiten.
today is the last day to receive free domestic shipping.
all items in the shop marked READY TO SHIP
go out in the mail tomorrow and i expect 
they'll get to their destinationsin time for christmas.

above are a couple new things in the shop which are ready to ship. 
but there's lots more so go take a look.

to receive free shipping use the coupon code
at checkout and if you're not familiar with etsy 
please send me an etsy conversation 
if you have any questions about the process.

x, me


Sonia / Cozy Memories said...

Love what you've done with these paper bags, you smart girl

Indiana Limestone said...
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