Monday, March 18, 2013

don't walk, crawl

new salvaged wood wall pieces in the shop!

these are made with found materials including wood, metal and leather.  from top to bottom we're calling the designs flag, diamond and badge.  i hope you like them as much as we do.
i am still doing a bit of poetry writing and want to share more with you this week.

i've learned a few guitar chords this past week.  now i just need to make sure to practice.  i have musical people around me and i'm inspired.

i did a last minute pub crawl on st. patrick's day yesterday!  this was a first for me as i've never really celebrated the day though i'm guessing there's some irish in me.  i think i'm a little bit of many things, nationality-wise.  i should know this.  should i know this?

it was a good time.  i didn't wake up with a headache.  i did get a little caught up in the shamrock-love and revelry, which was both surprising and fun.  but maybe anytime people are happy and drunk that's bound to happen.

did you celebrate?


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Looking forward to more poetry...I still haven't attempted it. I will though...I will.

And should know your nationality!! lol It's fun and interesting...especially if you're a little bit of everything like me. Actually..I think it would be more interesting to be purely one thing...or maybe two. But that's probably just because I am so many...


m.e.w. said...

I agree - normally I don't go for the mass celebrations, the bars and the crowds and the drunk people. But this year I invited someone I like to have corned beef and cabbage in celebration of our mutual heritage, and he took a chance and accepted and we went out and had a nice time. I was glad I did it, broke from the usual, out of the box. Sometimes it's good to set aside one's notions and just live.
ps: I love the poetry. the ones I've tried have been banal, but it's a good exercise. thanks for sharing it with us.