Wednesday, April 10, 2013

rising trill

it rained all last night.  it came to me about one o'clock in the morning that a car window was left open.  but i'd had a difficult evening and i couldn't care enough to drag myself out of bed to close it.  it seemed like a reasonable thing to just let go.  it's quite relative isn't it, what feels important to take care of and when?

this morning i had to go over to my old house to let my dog out.  i walked.  i took the long way and i brought my camera with me.  it was overcast, not raining but wet.  i heard a chorus of spring peepers for the second time this season.  i was alone standing on the edge of the road and i thought, i could be a frog.  i could survive the winter by hibernating under a log, my bodily fluids allowed to freeze to adapt to the cold, emerging in the spring as soon as the ice melts,  my call a rising trill.  


Inge said...

Beautiful! I suppose I could be a frog too, just let winter pass me by and wake up refreshed and ready.

Elizabeth McMurtry said...

this was an absolutely beautiful post, thank you for sharing.

little part (jen) said...

a third beautiful coming at ya...loved this one!

Susan said...

Your voice is so clear. The pictures heart achingly lovely,
Cold blooded and dormant definitely has its attractions