Tuesday, July 23, 2013

little piggies

it's raining here.  again.

the kittens are maniacs.
they race around all night,
they break things,
they eat like little piggies,
they bite my toes in bed,
they pee in houseplants.

i have to go to the dentist today 
and i haven't really been flossing.

the bags up there sold out right away yesterday.
i didn't even get a chance to post pictures here.
thanks!  and i'll make more soon as i can.

and other stuff, not too great.
but that's life.


Jane Aston said...

It's all yellow and grey. I do like the combination. The lakeside house looks lovely, I wonder how close you are to a lake. Those sweet piglets, I have 3 cats all 'errants' and this week another bony one has appeared. Those crochet bags look hand made lovely too.

Here is sweltering and thunder rumbles all around us.

Karen Fields said...

A wonderful day on the water with tubes and fun! Love this photo. Reminds me of having no responsibilities!

abby said...

I want one of those market bags when you make more!!