Monday, August 26, 2013

swiss cross lantern

i found these old swiss cross paper lanterns at the flea yesterday.  
i love them and can't find them anywhere else on the internets.
available HERE

also, i spent part of my weekend painting walls at my new place.  they were a shade of pale yellow which was not going to work for me.  the living room walls are now a white called "swiss coffee".  the kitchen will be the same.  i had some old semi-gloss paint kicking around in an almost black for the kitchen cabinets (a little added browny-grey to be true black) and in the next couple days when i find the time i'll finish painting in the kitchen.  then i'll take a few pictures for you.


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Swiss coffee is my favorite shade of white...I bet it looks amazing. And these cross lanterns?! What a cool.

Pigtails said...

These are sometimes seen during Swiss National Day!

They are gorgeous. Amazing how the simplicity of the cross and the white against the red elevates it from the often garish Eastern ones found in red and gold . . .

I love the sound of your kitchen! Sounds similar to our home, no wonder I like your work so much!

Angela Wilder said...

Love Swiss coffee. Great white. Can't wait for the pictures.