Friday, October 18, 2013

lena corwin's made by hand

good morning!

i wanted to tell you- 
in the summer of 2012 i went down to brooklyn for a few days for a photo shoot with lena corwin and the women of 3191 miles apart.   the result is lena's new book made by hand, which is available for purchase now!   i so was happy to contribute a couple of my own projects to this collection of inspired creative ideas.  thanks lena!  and check it out, folks.
also, i've been putting some sweet, sweet dyed vintage textiles and market totes and cowls into my shop last night and this morning.  i'm pleased with this batch and hope you like them.  more coming along all day today and i'll post some pictures here shortly.


catie said...

i've been hearing about this book from the 3191 ladies. i had no idea you lent your creative genius, as well. i need to get my crafty paws on a copy ♥

Jo in London said...

I came across this book in one of the best bookshops in London today. Your pages are the best!