Saturday, December 14, 2013


here in the northeast usa we're expecting the first real snow fall of the season.  it's been cold the past few days so of course last night we got home late and discovered the furnace wasn't working.  it's times like that i really miss the wood stove in the last place i rented.  luckily, there is a back up heater and now the furnace is up and running.

so as long as there's heat i'm happy to have some good snow.  i'm getting my snow shoes out of the closet and making sure there's food here to eat and making wool curtains for the freezing windows and planning to stay home and relax.

in the shop you'll find different shades and sizes of indigo organic cotton hemp scarves.  i'm wearing mine every day now and sometimes to bed!  they're pretty comfy.  and i just put a smoke colored hand dyed damask table cloth in there as well.  also, i've been making lots of batches of soap the past couple weeks, mainly lavender and always pure olive oil.  i'm selling it locally and informally but if you're interested it's $15 per pound (which gets you about 3-4 bars) plus $5.50 priority shipping.  send me an email at if you want some.

take care friends,

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