Monday, November 3, 2014

cedar bog

a magical little bog walk from yesterday.
i hesitate to promise but within a week i hope to have the new shop running.
i've been dragging my feet a bit as this sort of work is not my strong point.  
and i've been doing some other filler work- landscaping and dog sitting.  

also, a week was spent preparing for winter and getting a wood stove in the house 
as well as hauling several cords of wood from one place to another.

the physical work has been tough but good particularly because it was done outdoors.  
i'm loving the outdoors.  



abby said...

Beautiful photos, and this time of year is one of my favorites for laborious outdoor work. The cool, fresh, ozone rich air just really makes it. I have been s l o w l y (so so slowly) chipping away on a site too. It's no small task. Looking forward to seeing your new site when you launch. xo

Unknown said...
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simple :: dream :: quilts said...

I'm eager to see your new website. My, IT, brother is setting up a website for me since I'd rather quilt. Once my new wood stove was moved from the front of my living room, where it was delivered, and installed I was able to get my Gammill longarm quilter set up so that I can start filling my etsy shop and eventually website with more quilts..while enjoying the wood heat. Hope you are able to stay warm while keeping busy filling your website with beautiful items. said...

Thanks for sharing cedar bog