Sunday, November 9, 2014

somewhere between freedom and protection

hello friends-
i'm planning to open the new enhabiten shop monday afternoon (tomorrow!)
at around 1 PM.
i  hope you'll check in then.  i will continue to stock the shop in the next few weeks but beginning tomorrow you'll find an assortment of scarves, a handful of clothing items, cushions and hair wraps.  i also have a handful of $50 tote bags while they last.  

also, the etsy shop is currently 50% off!  you need to plug in the coupon code MOVING50 at checkout to get the sale price.  

last night was a great one here- we went to see some short indie films including the one below, which was my favorite.  then we came home and had a dinner party.

tonight we're headed to a launch party for a book our friend robin macarthur both contributed to and edited.  it's an anthology of contemporary vermont fiction- here's a link if you're interested.

have a great afternoon

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