Tuesday, November 17, 2009

folk art,memory, movies and suckin up

I have a wicked crush on folk art right now. I 've been buying used picture books on the subject lately and these images are all from one titled "Treasures of American Folk Art". I read these books, too. Raptly. I'm fascinated. But my brain doesn't retain information the way I want it to. I wish I was one of those peeps who has a memory for details. What do you call that? See, I can't remember. It's not even funny so I won't add a little "haha" or smiley face.
What I think I do is store the images and details of images in some non-wordy part of my brain for use later. For instance, with movies or books I remember the feel of the thing, I remember certain scenes, visually speaking, but I entirely forget character names and plot.
Which reminds me, I really want to go see "Coco before Chanel." And then another movie I saw the preview for and for which of course I can't remember the title. It was
"_____ Education." About a young girl and older man having an affair. Do you know it? If so, please tell me.
I did go see "The September Issue" with my fabulous friend Emily. It was her idea. I have to be completely honest here and tell you I am not really Vogue literate. The movie was entertaining. The photographer/Art Director seems really talented. But kind of sad. Stuck making interesting work in what is fundamentally a shallow environment. I mean, I like clothes. I really appreciate the self-expression of getting dressed. But the whole Vogue-y world leaves me feeling a little dirty. And if you saw it, tell me you didn't want to hurl with all the kiss-ups working for the magazine. The guy in the white suit? Sheesh. Totally blew with the wind and whoever he happened to be talking to at the moment.
Ok, I know I will lose you if I keep a-rambling. Thanks for reading.


Susan Johnson said...

Thanks for the folk art show. I love it, too. Way too much, I think.

maman xuxudidi said...

It's a real pleasure to see your blog. I like so much this atmosphere:)

Anonymous said...

I am totally the same way with remembering details of much of anything of a certain category, and I came to a similar conclusion... that what is useful must get stored in some part of my brain that doesn't necessarily translate to words but will enrich me over the long run. This can be pretty challenging though, because there are lots of times I'd like to TELL someone about these kinds of things, but it comes out like an incomplete, random thought that only someone on just the same wavelength would understand.

I agree with your thoughts on vogue world. It is sad to see where a certain realm of fashion has come to.