Thursday, November 12, 2009

ramble on

Since starting up this blog again yesterday my brain is abuzz with things I want to SHARE with you. A couple times already I've been struck by something I"ve heard or read and I
immediately think, "I want to tell them!"
This first one you may be able to file under the heading NO, DUH ( loved using that phrase when I was eleven and I still love it now that I'm twelve. I know, don't I look younger than that??)
Anyway, I was listening to the radio and this gentleman came on from India who was talking about marketing skin lighener to Indians which has nothing to do with why I'm bringing him up except that he said something that struck me as wise which surprised me because he was marketing skin whiteners to Indians).
This is what he said:
What is truly attractive, especially in a young person, is confidence in yourself, articulation and imagination.
Isn't that good? I mean, I may have added in compassion, sense of humor and good oral hygiene, but damn, skin lightening salesman, well said.
So, the picture is a pillow I made this morning. The ratty (ha, I mean soulfully shabby) green string trim is from an old tablecloth. I love it with this fancy bird o' paradise print.)


Mrs.French said...

yet again...I love that pillow. and your words will stick with me for awhile...and I heard them from a very talented, eloquent woman :)....xo t

Anonymous said...

so true. And this is especially poignant coming from a brilliant 12 year old.