Friday, December 18, 2009

and here are some pictures of my house

joshing. joshing. i wish.

I'm not really all shabby chic but I love the picture placements on the bedroom walls (not to mention the colors in the pictures- that deep red is A is for Awesome) and the brown bedspread to balance out the sweetness. Plus, painted wood paneling equals I wanna make out with it. I shouldn't say that. You aren't supposed to make out with walls. But aren't all those urges kind of in the same know, good shoes, chocolate, a yummy room, and well....right... Top picture via interior divine.

There's a lot to like in the middle picture but the stupid truth is that I keep staring at the stuff on the top of the shelves. And mostly just that painting with the pale green/blue background. Is it just that square of color that elevates the whole picture for me? And did I just use the word elevate in my analysis of a magazine picture? I need help. This picture was taken by Jordi Canosa.

The three elements in the last image that are the trifecta of the room are clearly the pink paint on the window casing, the chandelier and the giganta file cabinet. Without those things this room would be, well, kind of like my house. Picture Marie Claire Maison


jessicajane said...

you make me wish i owned a house in the day.

Dominique said...

I was insanely jealous :P Your post title worked!

Carlene said...

I agree, I think it's all about the blue-green painting in that one shot.

Lambert said...

MIddle picture is very much my taste (if anyone cares)

Fashion Serial Killer said...

you have a lovely house!!

Kim said...

I've said it are the best make me chuckle every time I read your most intimate thoughts that are really the same as our intimate thoughts~only you vocalize them!