Thursday, January 7, 2010

19th Century Calligraphy

I've seen these images here and there and decided to investigate. Aren't they divine? Have you already seen them? Do you read the Martha Stewart mag? You know, I don't. Well, I used to pick it up at the library once in awhile but that calendar in the front always gave me the hives. Is that even still in there? And did it not make you want to go running for the hills??
But these images are freaking beautiful. It totally feeds that part of me which wants to really slow things down. Get off this ride. Make all my own clothes, food, amusements. Build that cabin in the woods and check out. What if my evenings were spent in front of the fire working on my penmanship and copying these gorgeous swirling designs? Ahhhhhh. I can seriously envision that.


Emerson Merrick said...

Those are screaming to become tattoos!

littlebyrd said...

I haven't seen these before. They are really beautiful. Ha! That calendar is still in the front of the magazine. I actually have a strange fascination with, really? REALLY? That is what I am thinking when I read it.

Debra said...

I've not seen these before. They are_take your breath away_beautiful. Wow! All I want to do now is stare at them and take in all the details.I read Martha sometimes. I had to go find an issue to see if that calendar was still in there_it is. I always ignore it. :)

erin said...


Carlene said...

As you may already know, I really like this penmanship stuff, and agree with Emerson Merrick that they would make an excellent tattoo.

Not only did I used to buy every MS Living magazine, I used to SAVE them. I think I had a 10-year back issue collection. Then it broke my bookshelf, so I tore out all the articles I liked and recycled. There weren't as many saved articles as I thought there would be.

Now I look at it in the bookstore. I never look at the calendar, that kind of pressure is worse than Vogue.

ByLightOfMoon said...

Those are so lovely! Oh, how I would love to be by that fire learning this also.

I believe it is done with the wrist. Ihave so much to learn.

smiles, Cyndi