Thursday, January 7, 2010

cabin in the woods, anyone?

My tattoo is peely. And itchy.

And I got in a little fight with my daughter's dental hygienist today:

Me: Hello kind and gentle hygienist lady. I was just daughter's face is really, like um, droopy from the Novocaine. Like, mega. Way more than I am used to seeing. Is that still within the realm of normal?

Bad Lady: That's what Novocaine DOES. ( says "does"really slow-like so I can follow her and laughs derisively). Novocaine NUMBS you. (Again speaking slowly and being sure to ENUNCIATE. Then looks at me like I'm a toy poodle with a brain the size of a split pea.)

Me: Um, I know what Novocaine does...I'm not an idiot...

Then we had a little showdown staring contest as the waiting room became hushed.

It was actually kind of fun....Is that wrong?

Image via Scout and Catalogue


Melissa de la Fuente said...

No, it's not wrong....we secretly all want to do that. And, there is nothing worse than someone talking to you like you are a toy poodle! :)

susan said...

reminds me of that scene in "Babe" when the sheep speak to the dogs and vice versa -- "they spoke slowly as everyone knew that dental hygenists were the dumbest animals on the planet".
... i despise it when a health worker treats anyone like dirt.... good work.

E.M. said...

oh how glad i am to have read that. i'm an 'aspiring' hygienist. weird? yea. i know.

i itch to graduate. 5 month count down. woo!

i pinky swear, to not degrade by toy poodle talking anyone throughout my hygiene career.

cross my heart.

Leililaloo said...

This woman seems to be really teeth grindingly anoying! I would enjoy having a nice discussion with her as well.

Karen Meyers and Mary Sweeney said...

might not be wrong......unless you're the next one in the chair!