Sunday, January 17, 2010

For the love of TeenAngster

Fi-nal-ly! Ms. Alison aka TeenAngster has got her own personal blog going. There are certain people in computerland I really start to identify with over time. With Alison, I knew our interests overlapped. And then there was this whole great space of Alison's eye and interests that I don't naturally turn to but that I find fascinating. Probably cuz, you know, she's a young lassie and I've been around zee block a few times. She actually succeeds in making me see the whole 80s era in a fresh light. I was there. I did not think that was possible.
Anyway, she is a soul sister in that she has a huge visual appetite. And I do, too. And so she is my people. You should follow her blog.


Alison said...

I am very lucky to have a friend like you. This literally made me squeal with joy. You are a gem!


labonnefemme1 said...

Ok, So this will now be one of my favorite blogs to follow! I will cherish every word!