Sunday, December 19, 2010


so around here lately... i'm knitting up a rug made with strips from antique rag balls.  i made homemade yogurt AND homemade granola AND carrot soup from a saipua recipe.  oh...all in one day.  plus in that very same day i also potted up a bunch of jade cuttings from my giant jade plant to give as holiday gifts.  i hate to sound braggy but high fives to me. 

by the way, the le creuset soup pot up there is the one i got for $11 (it has the top, too).  also by the way, the crocheted table cloth pictured is from the office manager at my dentist's office.  she knows what kind of work i do and when she cleaned out her MIL's house recently she passed along to me a 50 pound garbage bag full of old linens.  thanks martha!

and on my way to NYC last weekend i stayed in boston overnight and got to have dinner with my boy ethan at a tibetan restaurant in brookline.  i love that boy.  which you already know b/c i say it everytime i mention him.  i just lucked out this lifetime and got really good kids. 

and although i failed at photographing the NYC trip i did get this one good picture of miss alice.  she's a gem.  the rest of the pictures i erased without remorse b/c they consisted of crowds of new yorkers on the streets dressed as santa clauses doing a giant bar crawl.  it was the only time i got my camera out.  and i'd say really the only interesting photo from the batch was of one dude in a skin tight orange colored suit and nothing about it said santa claus but it did make him look naked from a distance.  mildly entertaining.   especially if you are immature.  in fact i'm snickering to myself right now recalling it.

that's it.
xo a million times.


katie f said...

you need to tell me how you did the cuttings from your jade plant.. mine is tooo big and what a great idea to share the jade love! do share!

Anne said...

Love the plant cutting idea as a gift! Might have to copy... could have some of the granola too!!

The Oak Leaves said...

Definite high five to you!

The rug looks great, and I want to come have dinner at your house with that soup!

Michelle said...

Speaking of immature...I went shopping with my mother last week and we ended up at Paper Source. While browsing around we came across The Fart Book. You press buttons and it makes sounds. LOUD sounds. We were laughing so hard we cried...and I almost wet my pants. And my mom walked away and left me to cross my legs alone. It was awesome. Oh...and she bought the book to share with everyone on Christmas. I can't WAIT! (ps...I'm 43, she's 63. whatever)

MissQuiteContrary said...

I really want to learn to make my own granola - do you have a recipe you used or is it more of a throw-things-together-randomly sort of cooking?

sew nancy said...

wow. amazing rug and that is a beautiful tablecloth. impressed with all you got done. the jade cuttings- what a beautiful gift idea