Monday, December 20, 2010


ethan's home and he helped me to move this old sofa into the studio.  finally.  i stripped much of the old upholstery off this summer outdoors and moved it into the front hallway where it has languished for months.  totally in the way.  blocking the piano.

it has a real sweet shape and it's small enough to fit in the space i want it to.  it's in front of the woodstove and near where i work.  i will be happy to sit here once it's finished to read or hand-stitch or whatever.  take a nap, perhaps.

also, here are a couple of my favorite antique quilt tops i've collected.  i'm hoping to sew them up into quilts AND finish the sofa over the next few weeks and after christmas has passed.

i bought that vintage tea towel fabric awhile back and i'm cutting it up into hand towels and sewing the ends by hand.  i know i could do it on the machine but i really feel like that extra effort lends something to the fabric.  i'm giving the towels as gifts to friends.  i love that i can give them something they can use daily.  something which i've sat with and added to stitch by stitch.

last picture is lazy jazzie sleeping in the big box of scrap paper destined for the woodstove.  cat love the woodstove heat.



katy elliott said...

I like the lines in that sofa super pretty. I have these old quilt pieces my grandmother gave me that I have sitting around the house. So much to do & so little time!

Elissa said...

I love those tea towels- may favorite shades of green!

Michelle said...

the tea towel fabric is amazing...I've got some in red and blue that serves as a table runner.. :)

Adelaide's Homesewn said...

i'm so happy i found your blog. its so peaceful. and you are inspiring me to finish the upholstery projects i need to do.

Angela said...

What a happy little set of projects. I'll be whistling while I work in your honor.

k said...

i really like the shape of that sofa - i look forward to see how it turns out. i also love the stripes on the tea towel fabric. you are right - the extra effort of some hand stitch definitely adds to the final product.