Tuesday, January 4, 2011

pure pleasures

such a good idea!

and don't forget about the HAPPYNEWYEAR coupon code in my shop for 25% off everything including already discounted goods.

and here are the promises i'm making to myself for this wonderful fresh start we are given in a 2011 new year:

-i used to walk 3-5 miles almost everyday and i'm promising myself to ease back into that.
-i promise to continue educating myself about what's going on in the world beyond my house, town, country both past and present with books like this and this.
-i just ordered seed catalogs and i'm making a promise to  make my vegetable garden a priority this spring and summer because i believe growing my own food and feeding my family and friends with it are profound acts of political and social importance (how's that for grandiose?) and also that digging in the earth is one of the purest pleasures in life.

with love,


littlebyrd said...

oh my gosh, those undies are so cute. i like your resolutions. you go girl.

Kickcan and Conkers said...


kimberly said...

This will likely seem like an obnoxious favor from an unknown lurker, but . . . are there any particular seed catalogs that you really like? I was just thinking I would try ordering some seeds this year and I don't really know where to begin!

Anne said...

I like your promises! Especially the garden one. Wish i could grow more veggies but the monkeys just eat them all... got the herbs right though. As per the woolen panties... my mom used to make me wear very scratchy ones when i was little... not nice memories :-)

Jenn said...

Hi Liane,

It's Jenn Goldman (Kim's friend from forever ago:) Your blog is beautiful. I've spent the past couple of days reading every post and looking at every beautiful pic. I would love to pop over next time I'm in NH (pretty often lately) to see all of your beautiful stuff. Your house is everything that I have dreamed of having for myself.

Congrats to you,

Liane said...

hi kimberly! OMG not obnoxious at all! thank you for reading my blog;) there are links within the text of this post...1 for "seed" and 1 for "catalogs". these are the two companies i like to use. xx

Liane said...

Hi!! You're too nice. You are welcome to visit anytime. Kim can give you my phone oe email me at enhabiten@live.com.