Monday, January 3, 2011


as i type ethan is out back in the snow and wind painting.  crazy dedicated.  the chicken pictures are from the first snowfall several days ago.  they had no idea what to make of the snow.  one flew over to a planter and perched there until i rescued her.  right up above you can see one of the araucanas just sitting in the snow.  i swear she was too dumbfounded to move until i picked her up and brought her back to the coop door.

and i was just thinking about a couple things i wanted to tell you. 

first is that my husband, peter, has been busy turning wooden bowls in his workshop this past vacation week.  it's a new craft for him and seriously, he's darn good at it.  he's finishing them real simple with beeswax.  i want to put a few in the shop at some point and see what you think.

also, i'm having some weeee-ird dreams lately.  so it's making me wonder what your dreams are like.  share if you feel like it.  my latest involved a swampy pond and dozens of white snakes.  hmmm....yah, don't try to analyze it.

last, i am having my biggest sale ever this week at enhabiten.  everything is 25% off with the coupon code "HAPPYNEWYEAR".  and then next week i will be rolling out the new stuff i've been working on.

k, that's it.  see you tomorrow chums,


Jane Flanagan said...

Oooh - my Dad has taken up turning recently too and is sending me some of his bowls. He's good as well! I love that he's keeping himself busy in his retirement.

I've had completely CRAZY dreams since New Year's Eve. I blogged about one of them, but seriously, I'm getting exhausted from how vivid they are!

Happy New Year!!


Anonymous said...

I am a snowbunny at heart. Miss it mucho when I see photos like these. We have been talking about getting a lathe forever. Can't wait to see what your husband has been making.

My dreams have been kind of choppy lately, in a way that makes them hard to convey, but I've had a lot of recurring dreams (which would take forever to convey!). Those always make me question a little deeper.

Carlene said...

Ethan is hardcore. I don't even like it when my office is chilly.

I think those bowls are gonna fly out of your shop. Just a hunch.

=mew= said...

I can relate to ethan. I love being outdoors at this time of year, even though I adore warmth. It's weird. Can't explain.

Ditto on the odd dreams. Wake up all confused and/or stressed/scared. Not sure what's precipitating it. Maybe the wine before bedtime??

Happy new year. mew

Kim said...

Well, I have bathroom dreams...I don't like public bathrooms and especially the kind where there are no doors...they were like that when I was a kid. These are recurring dreams...what does that mean????

Leah said...

Glad to see my chickens aren't the only farm animals completely confounded by snow! Mine took to shoving all the hay in their coop outside so they could stand on it.

What a great hobby. I love your shop.